Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's ride.

Today my Dad and I met Kevin Ward, Steve Costell, and our friend Duane Yerse at the Office Max right next to the Great Lakes Mall in Mentor. We got in close to two hours and it was a very fun ride. First we scoped out a maybe future cyclocross venue. (WOW) The ride was a mixture of road and trail riding. We rode through the streets of Mentor and Kirtland then rode the trails at Chapin Forest. After we did some riding at Chapin, we were all freezing and ready to go back. After a couple of good sized hills, we got back to the parking lot and after some fare wells, we took off to the spray car wash. As soon as we washed our bikes, it was so cold that they immediately started to freeze and all the water turned to ice. That's winter.

Another good ride today and now it is time for some relaxin watching some Zoolander. I love that movie.

Later days and Happy New Year!

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