Friday, January 9, 2009


Man I hate the weather in Ohio. The past couple of days, it was nothing but snow. I don't like the snow at all. I don't get why snow makes some people happy. It is nothing but work and you can't really do any training outside, except running or skiing. This month, my Dad and I are going to focus on staying in heart rate zone 2-3 in all of our training rides or trainer workouts. No more spinnin and staying in an easy, comfortable heart rate. I got my Road Bike all ready for this years season. Got some new wheels, tires and a brand spankin new chain. I'm not going to ride it until road season because I don't want to get anything messed up on it. I'm going to train on my cross bike with some road tires on it when I ride outside...... when it isn't a blizzard. We are supposed to get hammered with snow tonight and and for the weekend leading into Monday. So trainer workouts and some runs are coming my way. Nice pic Roberto, at Copely... on the trainer before my race.


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Ray Huang said...

XC skiing is awesome!! Dont fear the white stuff!!